What People Say

Susan and Charlie Frederick

Verly accepted daddy and made him feel at home right away. One thing I noticed is that they put their arms around him and just hugged and showed compassion and love. The food is served around a harvest table and daddy loved that!

Dawn Fontenot

Once we met Verly and saw how comfortable daddy and we felt when we met her, we knew this was going to be our choice. It’s like we found a new family, an extended family that was going to take care of daddy. This was not a nursing home, but a real home that took care of daddy. He lit up every time he saw them. It wasn’t formal, it was just comfortable and we were always welcome at any time.

Judy Coxe and Charlie Frederick

When I looked for a home for my mom, everything was so cold and hospital oriented. But when we met Verly we realized how much more quality time she was getting. I never had to worry about if she was getting her medicine or to her doctor’s appointments on time. It wasn’t just a business, but more about caring and serving and giving a quality of life.