What will YOU do once you’re free?

It has been said, it’s not what happens to us [the situation] that matters as much as it’s our reaction to what happens.

What will YOU do once you’re free?

Two Views of COVID-19 Safe-Distancing Guidelines

One View
We’ve been quarantined… under lockdown. If my kitchen were a restaurant it would be out of business. I should not be forced to wear a mask. Why is there no toilet paper?

Another View
We’re enjoying working from home. We have the cleanest house ever! We’ve gotten to know our family, more. Even binge-watched [a series]. Caught up with some reading. Now, I know what retirement feels like.

We have many choices. Choices make life interesting. One of the important choices we face is what we choose to eat.

ONE Choice – You Become What You Eat

I was surprised by this animated graphic of our worldwide fast-food trends from 1971 to 2019. The graphic displays the number of stores opened to meet the needs of our increased consumption over the years.

While our busy lives combined with ease of access have made it easier for us to pick up a quick meal, for the last near-half-century, our choices are reflected in this animated graphic.

Watch how each fast-food store changes position over a period of 48 years. You may have to click on the link to animate the graphic.

Made with Flourish

Soon we will take steps to return our lives to a NEW NORMAL.

We hold the power. Do we change? Or do we give-in to our cravings? It’s not easy and we need to answer these questions each time we want to eat. Which will it be?

Our choices will be evident as they compound over the years.  Real change leading to big results involves taking small steps consistently. It’s unglamorous and difficult at first, but necessary, IF we want to change.

Looking Back at This Time

There will come a time, when we look back. Some of us will ask, “What the [heck] was THAT all about?” Others of us will feel we squandered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We wish we did more. We didn’t accomplish some of those things we kept saying we would do if we had more time. We didn’t buy stocks when they were low. We didn’t buy May oil futures when they were priced below $0.00. REALLY, this happened! We didn’t learn something new.

This is not the time for regrets… only lessons. Being aware is a big step to making progress in our lives. There’s no sense in beating ourselves up over lost opportunities. There will always be opportunities. For now, many of us feel a shared lethargy.

Let us take what we learned about ourselves and move forward.

For starters, many of us have gained weight, assuming all social media memes are true. In March, we were svelte and in-shape beings. (Okay, maybe not svelte. Come to think of it, not even in shape.) Yet, we are in control. It’s up to us to wake up from our lethargic slumber and choose.

Taking STEPS to a NEW LIFE

The past is gone. We can never truly relive the past. Time has changed us.

We can change what we do, now.

What one step are you taking now?

I am taking two – after gaining almost 5% body weight and waking up due to pain while I sleep, I’m eager to get my body feeling stronger. I want more energy. I want to sleep more soundly. I have already taken steps to be aware of what I eat and how much. I am also exercising for at least 30 minutes, five days a week.

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