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This month, The Caregiver’s Voice publishes excerpts of diverse-article topics including retirement destinations, tech tools for remote caregiving, post-traumatic growth, the distinction between Medicare advantage and supplemental, and an active brain’s surprising lack-of-impact on dementia.

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Top Retirement Destinations Ranked

Sarasota, Fla., comes in first on a US News & World Report ranking of the best places to retire. Here is a look at the top five destinations, which are evaluated on factors such as housing affordability, taxes, and health care.

Advanced Tech Tools May Improve Care for Older Adults

Organizations are looking at advanced technology tools such as artificial intelligence and data analytics that have the potential to improve care for older adults. Cathy Bodine, executive director of the Center for Inclusive Design and Engineering at the University of Colorado, said it’s important that technology developers don’t make assumptions about older adults. She recommends focusing on the end user to determine how these tools are used. Through appropriate technology, our nation’s fastest-growing population will remain actively engaged.

Post Traumatic Growth (PTG)

Is it possible that out of trauma, we might experience some level of growth? This article explores what PTG is and the kinds of trauma that might enable growth. Trauma that “shatters previously held ideas, overwhelms [our] initial capacity to cope, [that we] literally need to reconstruct a new narrative [regarding] that experience as part of [our lives].” As we grow, we need to accept that we “can be both resilient and anxious [or] fearful… In order to experience post-traumatic growth, [what we] face needs to seriously challenge [our] understanding of the world and [our] place in it.” Does this sound like caregiving? 

Medicare – Supplemental vs. Advantage

A long-time friend, Jim B. alerted me to look at the difference between Medicare Advantage and supplemental plans. While I’m a few years away from qualifying, those nearing age 65 or beyond, may find this distinction helpful while navigating benefit options. One study (in a different article) found that those who annually review and then choose their best plan option can save as much as $2,400.

Keeping the brain active may not stave off dementia - conversing seashells

Keeping the Brain Active May NOT Stave Off Dementia

A new study questions whether enjoyable leisure pursuits such as reading, listening to music, socializing with friends, playing card or board games, protects one against dementia. The study tracked 8,280 people over an average of 18 years. Findings point to the degree of activities later in life prior to diagnosis.

Thank you, American Society on Aging’s Generations SmartBrief for three of these article leads.

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