The Caregiver’s Voice Review – Live Twice, Love Once

Emilio Pardo (Oscar Martinez) is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in the spring of 2017. A former university math professor in Valencia (Spain), he laments, “I have no family.”

Widower for five years, he enjoys his home, music, and Sudoku.

Bouts of confusion and occasional memory loss land him in the hospital where he is being assessed for dementia.

The Caregiver's Voice Review of Netflix movie Live Twice Love OnceHis daughter, a concerned pharmaceutical sales representative asks, “Dad, why are you here?”

“I forgot,” Emilio replies.

Throughout the film, there’s an unnerving tension between his daughter, Julia, and him. She doesn’t know enough about Alzheimer’s and tries to control her father without giving him freedom of choice.

Meanwhile, his adolescent granddaughter, Blanca, is full of love and support. Despite his decline, she joins him the following fall on a road trip. They’re trying to find his first love from 50 years ago, Margarita Garcia, a former professor of literature.

After multiple mishaps, they find her. The outcome is surprising in two ways. (Hint: Look at what Margarita is embroidering.)

This film offers lessons in hope, love, and learning as much as a family caregiver can about the disease to help meaningfully.

Released on Netflix in January 2020  Length: 1:45

Released September 2019 in Spain as Vivir dos veces.

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