The Caregiver Toolkit VIDEO

Canadian-based Josephine Tite, introduces positive psychology and savoring the moment in this pilot episode of The Caregiver Toolkit.

Tite discusses the challenges of caregiving with two caregivers and introduces them to a specific tool. She guides them on how to savor a positive moment using the five senses to meaningfully impact their wellbeing.

While we try to do the best we can, Tite urges caregivers to balance negatives with tools including gratitude, best-possible-self, positive reframing, discovering strengths, aligning values, and managing emotions.

Tite uses evidence-based research to apply positive psychology. She discusses the science of how our brain is wired to savor with Australian neuroscientist, Sue Langley. More importantly, her and Langley’s caregiver tips feature a lot of heart, positively impacting care recipients.

If there is only one thing we can learn from this 11-minute video to make our caregiving better, our time investment will be a wise one.

Download the 11-page pdf of The Savoring Toolbook at


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