Six Article Excerpts that Inform, Uplift, and Inspire

Alzheimer’s May Start Sooner for People with Anxiety, Depression History

“… findings were based on 1,500 Alzheimer’s disease patients from the UCSF Memory and Aging Center who were screened for past psychiatric disorders, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).” Each of these disorders may contribute to Alzheimer’s in a unique way.

Article from ASA’s Generations SmartBrief.

Liberation: Discovering Who We Truly Are

Caregiving teaches us who we are. Coach Ann Vanino helps us put words to what we’re experiencing. This is especially helpful to us after we finish caregiving. “What now?” We’re different, yet the world around us seems the same. Vanino suggests our own changes can threaten those close to us, “providing a mirror for their own lives.” We can choose to move more slowly, considering how changes within us affects those who matter to us. “However, we must keep going and pursue what is best for us.”

To Become Mentally Stronger, Do These 5 Things

One of the five tips include learning to live with uncertainty (something caregivers do extremely well, though we may not like it) and tolerating the difficult feelings that often come with it. Another tip is to focus more on process instead of outcomes.

A GPS-Enabled Shoe-Embedded Tracking Device

A GPS tracking device in a shoe’s insole ensures caregivers can more easily locate a lost loved one with dementia. I wish we had this while I cared for my father. Such a device would have saved me a lot of heartache when his agility to climb fences and unlock doors proved to go beyond what we could safely secure at home without compromising the need for an emergency evacuation.

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How Granfluencers Are Shaking Up Social Media and Influencer Marketing

We may be old(er), yet many of us are far more flexible due to decades of acquired experience and wealth of knowledge. Sure, a younger person has more get-up-and-go and a likely higher appetite for risk, but we more experienced folks add bottom-line value by taking calculated risks. The wisest company leaders will reach out to elders who want to contribute to their young(er) employee teams for better (and competitive) outcomes. Just wait and see! 

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Romance Blossoms for Seniors During Quarantine

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