Senior Caregiver Spring 2020 Scholarship Winner

We are honored to have chosen Brynn Browning as the Senior Caregiver Scholarship Winner for Spring 2020. Brynn has been helping care for her father, who was diagnosed with ALS, since 2017.  She worked three jobs while in college and also came home on weekends to help her Dad. Since graduating from college, she’s taken on an even more supportive role for her father.

The situation has helped her learn the value of resilience.  There are people that depend on Brynn and she knows if she’s knocked down, nothing will keep her there.  Helping her father daily is a driving force in her life, not a weight on her shoulders.  Her Dad has taught her to laugh at herself and others, not take herself so seriously, and to take time to relax.  Everyone is nicer when they relax!

In the Spring of 2020, Brynn will be taking online courses through the University of Virginia to receive her Master’s degree in Materials Science Engineering.  She wants to protect life on this planet by going into biodegradable and sustainable plastics.  She even created her own biodegradable plastic!


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