Life Lessons, Anxiety, Weird Stress Symptoms, Estate Planning

This month’s excerpts include a variety of awareness articles and tips during a COVID-19 world for caregivers.

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7 Life Lessons We Must Learn Multiple Times in Order to Stop Repeating Them

One of LIFE’s lessons is “small, daily habits are more important than big, infrequent home runs. Anyone can talk the talk. Not many people can walk the walk.” Another is “self-knowledge is worth more than personal achievement. Such a difficult lesson, and one that must be practiced diligently throughout the entirety of one’s life… You can immediately tell when you meet someone which category they fall into. They either emit a genuine confidence to pursue their goals for self-exploration, or they emit an ego-based confidence rooted in personal achievement.” Read all of them including the lesson about that ‘tiny voice’ in your head that comes from your heart.

Your Anxiety is Trying to Tell you Something

Sometimes, our brains are stronger than our minds and bodies and this can be bad. Because, sometimes, our minds and bodies are trying to tell us something. “If we are to combat anxiety in any manner, first we must decide whether we’ll be brave enough to explore areas we’d rather ignore.”

9 Weird Things That Stress Can Do to Your Body

Headaches and other body aches are not the only symptoms of feeling stress. According to health and psychology writer, Ashley Abramson, stress can give us skin problems, gray hair, ringing in our ears, and hot flashes.

Estate Planning in the Age of COVID-19

Legal Templates found a 176% increase in estate planning during COVID-19. This article answers your questions, including – What documents do you need? What should you watch out for? Take control of your personal finances with this estate planning information.

Are You Angry or an Angry Person?

There’s a big difference. Being angry from time to time and taking ownership is normal. Being an angry person – blowing up while projecting your anger is toxic. Do you hold grudges? Are you easily offended? Do you prefer movies featuring lots of explosions? Do you threaten to quit? “Anger doesn’t make you powerful. But dealing with your anger does.”

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