Keeping an Eye on My Father with Alzheimer’s at Walmart

When I’d take my father, who lived with Alzheimer’s, shopping at Walmart, I had to keep an eye on him to avoid a run-in with security.

Martin Avadian diagnosed with Alzheimer's trying to scare his caregiver daughterOnce, he saw a misplaced wallet in the kitchen area. He quickly snatched it and placed it in his pocket.

I didn’t believe what I saw! My father was a low-key diplomatic man who acted proper during my upbringing and his pre-dementia years. Alzheimer’s laid bare temptations. His judgment was to freely take advantage of any opportunity. I witnessed a completely different man.

As I watched this humorous video, “My wife and I were banned from Walmart,” offered by Jokes of the Day, it brought back memories of the risks of taking my father shopping. He’d scream his adoration for me when I helped him buy groceries: I love you. I want to EAT you! He disappeared in a large warehouse store and I called upon security to check all exits. He grew irritated and acted out if I tried to reverse his shoplifting antics. Was I stupid not to take advantage of opportunity? I managed to retrieve the wallet.

While the husband featured in this humorous video is strategically comical, I found humor recalling my father’s behaviors while he lived with dementia. I hope you find some humor, too. Because if we can’t laugh, we will cry. But, be sure NOT to share with your loved one with dementia. We don’t want to give them any more ideas! Laughter gives us strength to go on.


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