Indian Hills Community Center Sign Humor

And now for some funny food for thought for the seriously overwhelmed caregiver…

The Indian Hills Community Center (IHCC) in Colorado has been posting thought-provoking and funny messages.

Indian Hills Community Center Sign-Lettuce

Indian Hills is at an elevation of nearly 7,000 feet. The air is cleaner. The atmosphere, thinner. Obviously, this works for Colorado native and IHCC volunteer, Vince Rozmiarek, who posts a new message every few days to give passersby and Facebook followers a dose of AHA.

It began seven years ago as an April Fools prank, according to this article published in 2018, Man Comes Up With the Most Punderful Road Signs to Make Passersby Smile. Rozmiarek has been creating funny puns consistently – either on his own or with the help of others.

Past Present and Future
Walked into a Bar
It was Tense

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Indian Hills Community Center Sign

The next time I’m in Colorado, I’ll need to take the half-hour drive southwest of Denver to check the IHCC for myself.


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