Family Caregiving Challenges and How VerifyCare Can Help

Guest article by Stefanie Rose

Do you and your family find it challenging to manage your loved one’s care? Keeping track of your loved one’s medications, vitals, and caregiving tasks can be overwhelming. Trying to coordinate schedules between family members and other caregivers adds even more stress. Everyone wants to do their part, but the lack of communication at times makes it challenging.

You need a tool to help. The VerifyCare app can help with the tracking, coordinating, and communicating tasks of family caregiving.

What is VerifyCare?

VerifyCare-Using-Home-ScreenVerifyCare is an organizational app that allows you to create a care-recipient profile for your loved one, where you can easily manage their care on your mobile device.

Within the app, you can track medications and set reminders when they’re due. Record important vitals such as blood pressure with pre-setup tasks. If there’s an activity unique to your loved one’s needs, you can also create custom tasks.

Use the journal to keep a visible log of noteworthy events for the entire care team. Store copies of essential documents by uploading them to the app for quick access when you need them.

Communication is crucial among family members caring for a loved one.

VerifyCare was developed to give family caregivers a tool to communicate and easily access their loved one’s information to keep everyone informed.

How VerifyCare Makes Managing Care Easier

VerifyCare App screen imageVerifyCare allows you to invite multiple caregivers and family members to your loved one’s care team. You and your family can share relevant information regarding your loved one’s health and wellbeing. Every module in the app is accessible to the care-team members. This ensures that your loved one receives the care they need.

Coordinate schedules and appointments through the app’s calendar. Receive reminders before appointments and request volunteers if needed.

Members of your care team can add, edit, and view data regarding your loved one. When one notes that a medication was taken or skipped, this information is available to the other care-team members, including who recorded it and when. This is how any entry in the modules of VerifyCare work. This ensures all who are involved in your loved one’s care–siblings, spouse, and more, are informed in real-time as things happen. The whole family will enjoy the peace of mind knowing they are up-to-date on your shared loved one’s life.

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VerifyCare Logo - About the Author

Stefanie Rose a member of the VerifyCare team. The VerifyCare app is a support tool that organizes caregiving tasks and medication lists for a care recipient, while enabling schedule coordination among caregivers. VerifyCare’s tracking modules allow you to keep a detailed record of care for your loved one.



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