Excerpts of Fraud, Doctor-Caregiver Transparency, Aging Care Options, Medicare vs. Medicaid, and Taxes

Caring for an Aging Nation

KHN's graphic of HHS's Avg Long-Term Care Costs

Americans age 65 and older are expected to nearly double in the next 40 years. Finding a way to provide and pay for needed long-term health services will be challenging. Current options include Home Health Care, Community Support Services, Assisted Living/Retirement Communities, and Nursing Homes.
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Medicare vs. Medicaid: A Guide to Understanding the Differences

Duquesne University shares an easy-to-understand guide with insights and resources, including the following:
– Medicare Overview and Its Benefits
– Medicare Plans A, B, C, and D
– Medicaid and its Two Types of Benefits
– Qualifications and Income Thresholds for Medicaid
– Key Differences Between Medicare and Medicaid
– Requirements for each Health Insurance ProgramMedicare Health Insurance Card from Medicare.gov TCV

New Transparency in Doctor-Caregiver Communication

A new federal rule requires most health care providers to make electronic medical record notes or shared visit notes, available for free to patients. [It’s about time.] There have been two versions of “shared notes”—one the patient requests and the other the doctor keeps with impressionable notes. It’s time for medical offices to share their complete notes. This enables a stronger partnership among doctors, caregivers, and patients.

TAXES – How the 50 States Compare

You want to retire?
What is the property tax rate?
Is your retirement income taxed?
What is the sales tax rate?

Elders lost almost $1 billion in scams last year: FBI

“… People over the age of 65 were scammed, with an average loss of $9,175, and almost 2,000 older Americans lost more than $100,000… Each year, millions of elderly Americans fall victim to some type of financial fraud or internet scheme [elder fraud], such as romance scams, tech support fraud, and lottery or sweepstake scams.”  The highest numbers of scams were in California, Florida and Texas. If you’re thinking, it won’t happen to me, yes it will. It’s just a matter of time.

2020_IC3ElderFraudReport by ABC News Politics


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