Excerpts—Alzheimer’s Test, Abuse, Retirees’ #1 Concern, Aging Disgracefully

This month’s article excerpts include a more holistic look at domestic abuse, people with dementia and multiplied COVID risk, retirees’ number 1 concern, a writing test to predict Alzheimer’s, substance abuse among the elderly, and aging disgracefully.

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Writing Test Might Predict Alzheimer’s

“IBM researchers trained artificial intelligence to pick up hints of changes in language ahead of the onset of neurological diseases.” They found patterns in how people express themselves years before they are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

From the NY Times—Congresswoman Cori Bush and musician FKA twigs describe how manipulative and isolating behaviors known as “coercive control” helped trap them in abusive relationships.  Lawmakers are starting to listen.

How to Address Retirees’ No. 1 Concern

“It’s a top worry for people nearing retirement: the fear of running out of money. By preparing for retirement with an income plan, you can feel confident in your golden years.” Be sure your income plan accounts for healthcare costs, inflation, and taxes.

The Case for Aging Disgracefully

The author’s aunt didn’t “give a flying fig.” She lives like a teen. She traveled. She flirted. She maintained the company of men two decades younger. The author considers how she’s living her own life.

People with Dementia Are Twice as Likely to Get Covid-19

People with dementia are four-times more likely to die of COVID. “The study, led by Case Western Reserve University researchers, reviewed electronic health records of 61.9 million adults in the United States and found that the risk for contracting Covid-19 was twice as high for people with dementia compared to the general population.” The risk was three times greater for African Americans with dementia.

Substance Use Disorders among Older Adults

SUDs may be difficult to recognize and treat in adults 65 and older due to other psychiatric and general medical disorders.

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