Diverse Article Excerpts for Busy Caregivers

Tips on How Caregivers Can Balance a Loved One’s Safety and Dignity

Dr. Barry Jacobs advises caregivers to keep alert for a loved one’s changing needs, while allowing for as much independence as possible. He offers tips for walking the fine line between safety and dignity.

COVID-19 Survivors May Face Brain or Psychiatric Disorders

Roughly one out of three COVID-19 survivors were diagnosed with either a brain or psychiatric disorder within six months of contracting COVID-19. While rare, some of these include TIAs, dementia, and Parkinson’s with the most common being anxiety and depression.

Alzheimer’s Disease Overview

A thorough and easy-to-use page at Health Central for families needing information about Alzheimer’s, including causes, signs, when to see a doctor, how doctors diagnose the disease, treatments, living with Alzheimer’s, and finding Alzheimer’s communities.

The Costly, Painful, Lonely Burden of Care

“Health care in the U.S. relies on an “invisible army” of caregivers—mostly women. For many, stunted careers, lost earnings and exhaustion are part of the fallout.” We need to take a sincere view of ignored family caregivers comprising a heroic unpaid workforce. According the AARP, there are 53 million caregivers. We must continue to speak up.
Thank you Ann Vanino for this article.

A Revolutionary ‘Gray Army’ of Older Workers is Fighting

There is a fight brewing among elders in our youth-obsessed culture—and if when we older workers win, we’ll all be better for it! “Across the U.S., older employees are… pushing for a place and a purpose within an organization that reflects and respects [our] skills and expertise—and the most innovative institutions, companies and CEOs will either lead, follow or [the bottom-tier CEOs will] get out of the way.” Intergenerational cooperation, where younger and older workers learn from one another. “Older workers… bring judgment, balance, and perspective to an organization. They tend to stick around longer than their job-hopping, ladder-climbing counterparts.”

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