Deafness is often mistaken for dementia.

When a person can’t hear, they won’t remember.

This is an oft-mistaken perception.

After people have dealt with hearing loss over a long period, they find polite coping strategies such as nodding and smiling. At a later time, someone in an earlier conversation may ask, “Remember, last weekend when we were talking about…?”


“What do you mean? You were nodding and smiling in agreement!”

“Well, no, I don’t remember what you’re referring to.”

“You’re not getting Alzheimer’s, are you?”

This represents actual dialogue I’ve exchanged with friends on several occasions.

Hearing Test Process by Dr Lindsey Banks Audiologist at Everyday HearingI’m getting older. The reality is people mumble more. Even younger folk who claim they heard the message, when asked to repeat what they heard, didn’t. In our digital-assisted world, we’ve lost the ability to communicate face-to-face.

While I’ve only been able to hear from one ear for most of my life, I still need to remind people to speak clearly. I’d beg some fast-talkers over the holidays in Mexico, “Despacio… por favor, habla despacio.”  (“Slowly… please speak slowly.”) It is hard to differentiate which words belong together as I gain competence in speaking Spanish – my third language.

For all of you who find yourself in similar situations – struggling to hear and expending more energy as you focus on hear what others are saying, consider getting your hearing evaluated.

An example I often think of – how vivid, crisp, and clear everything looks after you put on a new pair of glasses. You wonder: Why did I wait so long?

Yes, hearing aids may help keep you in the conversation. Due to my nerve deafness, surgery and an awkward contraption will enable me to hear from my left ear. You’d be surprised how much energy it takes to communicate effectively. The technology’s here to help us.

We owe it to ourselves. I go for regular tests as the industry advances.

Remember, you likely don’t have dementia. Chances are you didn’t even hear the message.

To make it easier, the team at Everyday Hearing updated their guide, “What to Expect from a Hearing Test” Click on the link to get answers to what happens during a hearing test – see the infographic, the four types of tests available, and how often should people have them.

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