Caregiver Article Excerpts – 3 Memory Tips, Dementia Dos and Donts, Letting Go, Life Insurance

Article excerpts of wisdom like the Wally Waldron Tree on Mt Baden Powell in the Angeles National Forest - Estimated age 1,500 yearsHobbies That Can Improve Your Memory and Maintain a Healthy Brain

For some, cognitive decline is inevitable as we grow older while others remain sharp into their 90s and beyond. To give yourself a chance to remain cognitively sharp, consider hobbies that maintain a healthy brain and your memory according to practical tools author, Thomas Oppong. Among the hobbies recommended are stimulating your brain with lifelong learning and cultivating a broad range of artistic [creative] interests.

Are There Do’s and Don’ts When it Comes to Dementia?

Longtime dementia activist, Brian LeBlanc shares his experiences living with Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia. He includes care consultant, Rachel Wonderlin’s “16 Things I would want if I got dementia” when discussing how he feels about people no longer contacting him or trying to correct him when he enters “brain fog.” [TCV: This editor has reached out to LeBlanc a number of times during recent months and he has not replied; whereas, he had in years past. Dementia is unpredictable that way.]

Some nursing homes better protected residents from coronavirus. Why?

In this opinion piece for Market Watch three researchers address the factors that likely caused a select group of nursing homes to fare better during this pandemic than others. They found nonprofits and public homes were focused more on quality care than for-profit homes pressured to keep costs low. Better and more innovative management was another of the three factors identified.

The Art of Surrendering: Learning How to Let Go of Control

Caregivers often find it challenging to let go. After all, no one else can care better for a loved one than you. In heterogeneous relationships, it’s usually the wife who believes this about her husband with dementia. John Rampton, founder of, writes in this productivity piece that we feel a need to control aspects of our lives because we fear what we do not know. He offers eight tips to help us release our grip on control beginning with “Accept the truth and be thankful” and “Conquer your fears with a list.”

Life Insurance Over 50

Good Financial Cents (GFC) has created a guide that answers questions people over 50 might have when considering life insurance. The guide breaks down which type is best, where to find insurance, and factors that determine how much you will pay. A convenient interactive clickable USA map allows you to find the top insurers in your state. [TCV Editor’s note: Like other informational sites, GFC’s disclaimer includes a potential financial arrangement with one or more of these insurers. Additionally, a correction to the “if people over 50 need life insurance” section, estates are not taxed for most Americans with less than $11.8 million in assets.]

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