Artificial Neurons, Inflamed Brains, Women Want to Live Alone, Money for Retirement

PET Scans of Fibromyalgia Patients Show Brain Inflammation linked to Alzheimer’s

Brain scans of people with this invisible and poorly understood condition show widespread inflammation, which is linked to Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes and other diseases. While better treatment options for fibromyalgia are needed, naltrexone may prove effective in reducing the pain associated with neuroinflammation that NSAIDS (e.g., ibuprofen) can’t resolve with brain inflammation. Additional resources include possible causes of fibromyalgia such as unprocessed negative emotions and childhood stress, resulting in brain fog and fatigue.

Article excerpts of wisdom like the Wally Waldron Tree on Mt Baden Powell in the Angeles National Forest - Estimated age 1,500 years

Artificial Neurons to Treat Chronic Diseases Including Alzheimer’s

“The team… designed… silicon neurons [that]… mimicked real, living neurons responding to a range of stimulations. The potential applications go beyond Alzheimer’s to developing smart pacemakers and smarter medical devices with an aim toward personalized medicine in treating a range of diseases and disabilities.”

Dating Over 65 – Women Prefer Their Own Space / Men Want to Live Together

Heterosexual relationships in the 1970s – men wanted freedom to come and go; women wanted to settle down and live together. A half-century later, the tables have turned. Self-sufficient women desire companionship; yet, need to retreat and recharge in their own space free from relationship drama and cleaning up after him. More people are living together apart. It keeps a relationship fresh. Perhaps this is our generation’s way of living what we’ve said many times: You can’t live with him and you can’t live without him.

As we look to the future and start with a clean slate, here are two financial opinion pieces from MarketWatch.

5 Money-Saving Tips People Hate

A deep-dive into the excuses we give to how we spend money which has a long-term impact on how much we have to retire on. Sometimes, the smallest fixes at our current time in life can have a magnified impact down the road… whether you’re 30, 40, 50, or 60. Here’s one example from one of the 5 tips to reduce small spending.

Imagine you have a bucket full of water (representing your income). Now make a tiny hole in the bottom…. It doesn’t take long for the water to drain out completely…. This is exactly the issue with small spending — it can drain your finances quickly and secretly.

Planning to sell your house to fund your retirement? Think again.

Columnist and White House bureau chief, Paul Brandus writes, “Seniors looking to unload real estate face headwinds.” Demography, geography and finances will produce headwinds for baby boomers in certain markets when the time comes to sell. Boomers may need to reduce their expectations. Additionally, Zillow reports surprising findings regarding previously desirable destinations in Florida and Arizona.

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