5 Online Activity Ideas for People Living with Dementia

People with dementia have their share of struggles, and this worldwide pandemic has made it even harder by placing many of their favorite shared activities on hold.

With social distancing crucial in these uncertain times, it’s essential to stay safe and take necessary precautions. This means less human contact and more online-oriented daily activities.

What are some of the best online activities people living with dementia can enjoy? Let’s take a look. 

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Online Card Games

Playing cards is a common interest among people, including those who live with dementia. It’s a simple activity that can be enjoyed effortlessly while at the same time, it keeps one’s mind active.

Thankfully, there’s a way for people to enjoy their favorite games online. Solitaire, one of the most beloved games by youths and elders, is now a mouse click away.

Online card games are suitable for persons who also have mobility limitations. They are simple and require little energy, concentration, or movements; ideal for people with dementia.

Online Puzzles

Playing online puzzles has a therapeutic effect. Some people enjoy an online jigsaw puzzle for hours without regard to problems in the offline world.

For people who love puzzles, online puzzles are a revelation. Numerous websites offer a wide range of puzzles with beautiful designs. These online puzzles are also dementia-friendly. The level of difficulty can be adjusted to their abilities.

Some websites can make an online puzzle from a picture of your choosing. This method is especially helpful for people with dementia to trigger memories and conversation.

Online puzzles are available to everyone. They’re incredibly easy to master. Best of all—they’re completely free.

Coloring Websites

Adult-coloring books have been quite popular in recent years. Websites offer opportunities to color various geometric shapes and pictures. Coloring can be a fun activity for people with dementia.

People can also color with their finger using downloadable apps on a phone or a tablet. For those in the latter stages of dementia, some apps offer the option to color by merely tapping to fill in white spaces without worrying about staying within the lines.

This gives people with dementia a feeling of achievement and has a calming effect.

YouTube Videos

YouTube is the largest platform for video sharing and viewing, and there’s something for everyone. It’s a great source of entertainment and a place to reminisce while viewing old videos.

Videos can trigger memories of earlier times for people with dementia. It’s a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours looking at happy, serotonin-inducing content.

Music Playlists

It’s no secret, music has the power to heal. Psychiatrists believe music can calm anxiety, ease pain, and create a pleasant diversion through music therapy [article subscription required] programs.

Nearly everyone feels a strong connection to music, especially from their younger years. Listening to songs from one’s childhood or even from happy life-moments, often helps people living with dementia remember. Music can appease a person who feels agitated and create a safe space where one feels comforted and relaxed.


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